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Bendmaster Advanced


  • Processing 2-3-4 pt. steel rules
  • Straight and Lip Cutting
  • Notching
  • Perforating and Cut Crease
  • Broaching
  • Bendmarking
  • Bending

A "must have" rule processing machine for all die makers

  • Practical and economical
  • Changing of tools in 15 seconds
  • Changing of bending heads in 1 minute

Bendmaster Advanced has the ability of cutting, notching, perforating, cut-creasing, broaching, bendmarking and bending the 2-3-4 point cutting and creasing rules that are used in cutting dies. This machine offers the opportunity to produce cutting dies for 2-3-4 point rules in one machine.

Broaching with end-mill gives the operator flexibility on different broaching shapes and provides a burr-free surface.

With the state-of-the-art rule preparing and processing software, high-speed and high-quality diemaking has never been easier. All parts used in the production of Bendmaster Advanced, including the CNC controller, comply with highest industry standards.

Machine Properties
  • Straight / Lip Cutting
  • Notching
  • Perforating / Cut-Creasing
  • Broaching
  • Bendmarking
  • Bending
  • Ability of Processing 2-3-4 point and 20-30 mm. high materials
  • Tool change - only in 15 seconds
  • Coil change - only in 30 seconds
  • Bending Head change - only in a 1 minute
  • Automatic withdrawal of the punch tools for 100% jam-free move of the rule
  • Lip / Straight cutting options for selected rules are determined automatically by the software
  • Calculation of the extension or shortening values for selected lines

All of the automated parts used are manufactured in Europe or the USA.

Technical Specifications
Material thickness

Material height
Material coil line
Motion control
Data input
Body size
2 pt. (0,71 mm) - 3 pt. (1,05 mm)
4 pt. (1,42 mm)
20 - 30 mm
Min : 1 x 1 mm
5 Units with rail system
With using of end-mill
Trueworks job-preparing programme
Unique CNC controller
Cf2 - dxf - dwg
AC 380 V / 50 Hz / 3+N+P / 7 kW
6 bar - 90 psi
1420 x 1000 x 1900 mm

BendMaster Advanced