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TheoMaster Plus


  • 2 - 4 Pt Thickness
  • 23,8 100 mm Height
  • Special Mode for Rectangles
  • Continuous Mode For Circle Bending and Arcs
  • Working with Bendmark or Automatic Caliper
  • Cutting and Notching up to 100 mm high
  • Hole Punching in Required Figure
  • Automatic Move of Rule by Cutting, Notching and Hole Punching
  • Very Practical Control Table
  • Servo Controlled Bending Position and Force

Theomaster Plus can process up to 100 mm height and 4 pt. rules. It is possible to work with bendmark or automatic caliper. Theomaster Plus provides practical working with several special modes in its software. The usage of the control panel is very user-friendly. While bending rectangular forms, the force applied at the third bending point will be reduced automatically with the choice of related mode, to complete the bending correctly.
You can use cutting tool to achieve high dimensional accuracy for the length of the cutting rule. Notches and other required figures like hole, ellipse, oval etc. can be punched into the rule. The clamp holds the cutting rule and moves to the punch positions by automatically following them from the software.
It bends up to 30 mm radius with standard tools in one movement. More tools can be produced upon the request. Bigger arcs can be bent during the Special Continuous Mode, if there is no tool available. In this mode, it is possible to bend circles, too.

All of the automated parts used are manufactured in Europe or the USA.

Technical Specifications
Material Thickness
Material Height
Automatic Caliper
Cad Cam
Motion Control
Data Input
Body Size
2- 4 pt
23,8 - 100 mm
700 mm
Unique Motion
Cf2 Dxf
400 V / 50 Hz / 3+N+P / 1 kW
6 bar 90 Psi
1460 x 860 x 1850 mm