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CutMaster Basic


  • Processing of 2 - 3 pt. thickness and 20 - 30 mm height rule
  • Straight cut and lip cut tools
  • 15 and 18 mm notching tools
  • High bending precision
  • Extra external pneumatic straight and lip cut unit
  • High quality on mechanical and electronical parts
  • Practical and user friendly job-preparing software

Automation parts are imported from Europe; mechanical parts are manufactured and assembled in Turkey.

Bending nozzle provides high bending precision even on the difficult shapes.

The clamp unit which holds the rule and feed in the machine provides high length accuracy. The unit is controlled with a servo motor.

The machine has an external creasing cut unit. You can cut the creasing lines at the same time while you bend the cutting rules.

Software Applications:
  • One directional rule flow (Rule coil's minimum back movement ability by synchronized working technique).
  • Automatic introducing the lip or straight cutting options of selected rules within the software.
  • Automatic selecting all of the creasing lines with one button.
  • Automatic adjustment of shortening and lengthening values on selected lines.
  • Pre-processing with more than one file at the same time and putting in order many files to be processed in the machine.
  • Continuing without requiring a new CAM file when the machine stops.
  • The system of determining the functional lifetimes of the consumables (punch tools, cutting knives, etc.) and warning when it exceeds the limit by digital counters.
  • Flexible adjustment of bending angle settings.
  • With "Analysis Drawing" function, repair the intersection faults between 0,001 and 0,5 mm automatically.

All of the automated parts used are manufactured in Europe or the USA.


BlueBender-2C PDF

Technical Specifications
Steel Rule Thickness
Steel Rule Height
Notching Height
Material Coil Line
Motion Control
Data Input
Body Size
2 pt. (0,71 mm) - 3 pt. (1,05 mm)
20 30 mm.
15 -18 mm
2 Units
True Works rule preparation Software
Unique CNC Controller
Cf2 - dxf - dwg
230 V / 50 Hz / 1+N+P / 2 kW
6 bar - 90 psi
2200 mm x 750 mm x 1500 mm